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Hello and welcome, I'm Diane and I am Mum to two lovely, lively and craft-minded children, Tayla and Arron. I love my crafts,especially knitting and crochet but my main passion is designing and making mosaics. I have been mosaicing since 2007, using a variety of different items. I suppose I should call myself a mixed-media mosaic artist. I also love the challenge of a commission!!! All my items (including those on Flickr) are for sale, just leave me a message for details. (I do have Paypal)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I have decided to declutter and make way for the new, so to this end I have started to list some of my excess mosaic supplies on ebay, mainly pottery pieces(tiles) at the moment but I shall be adding more over the next few days.

So if you are into mosaic or would like to be please take a look, my ebay id is moonbeamdiane, cheers!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Latest makes

Sorry I haven't updated for such a long time but here at last are some of the last mosaics I have made:

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Don't forget TRULY CRAFTED CRAFT FAIR tomorrow

Yes, don't forget tomorrow is the day for the Truly Crafted Early Bird Christmas Craft Fair in Brightlingsea, (see listing on the right ---> )

All items are handcrafted by each of the stallholders, lots of interesting and usual items, perfect for Christmas presents or to treat yourself.

Entrance is FREE and there is ample parking and a very WARM WELCOME awaiting you!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Oaklands holiday Park, St. Osyth, Essex

Don't forget tomorrow is Oaklands Holiday Park Summer Fair, lots of attractions including crafts. Come along if you have some spare time!

PLEASE NOTE it is 1pm to 4pm not 10am!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Apologies for a lack of blogging!

Just wanted to apologise for my lack of blogging. Mainly due to two things;

The event at Clare Priory on the weekend of 10th/11th July which was brilliant, I just love the atmosphere at this event and the professionalism of the organisers and the welcome received. Can't wait for next year's event.

Secondly, both my children are changing schools in September, Tayla moving up to secondary school and Arron changing to a more local primary! unless you are a parent in the same situation, you just would not believe the amount of time involved in this, what I thought to be a simple process. All the visits to the schools to meet teachers etc, uniforms to be ordered and collected etc as well as all the paperwork for emergency numbers, allergies etc. Well that's all done now. Both children have today said their goodbyes to the old school and friends (with many tears-and that's just me!) and are looking forward to the new chapters of their lives!

Now it's time to concentrate on holidays, family, the sun and the garden, all in the that order (hopefully)

On the mosaic front I do have some new pieces to show but until I get time to upload the photos, I am afraid my dear followers will have to stay in suspense.

Lastly, unless I don't get back to blog and update before the end of the school holidays, I'd just like to finish by wishing everyone a happy summer!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Splash Summer Fayre tomorrow 3rd July

Not been around much I know, due to ill health, but don't forget tomorrow is the Splash Summer Fayre, where I will have a stall.
It's all going on at the Shorefields School, Holland Road, Clacton, Co15 6HF from 1pm to 4pm.

Please come along if you can, only 50p admission for adults and there will be lots to see and do, all the usual summer fayre attractions including, stocks, raffles, tombolas, coconut shy, bouncy castle, go-karts, refreshments, food, ice-cream, beer, arena events, plus lots more stalls and games and of course, lots of craft exhibitors.

Don't miss it!!!!!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Update on the dove angel poll

Just so that you know, the poll to find out if the dove angel should have a face has resulted in a majority asking for a face but in lighter colour inks, closely followed by leaving the face in black. So overall the opinions are that she needs a face but perhaps lighter.

Thank you to all those that voted.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Angels, angels and more angels..

Thought I would show the last mosaics that I made some time ago, I've not made anything for a couple of weeks now as ill health has overtaken any creativeness. Hopefully, I will be back to making in the next month or so. I made the following angels after seeing something similar, but much larger. As they are all different I decided to name them:

First we have Flora, cream glass background with vintage cabochons, dyed pink shelll beads, green varigated glass and purple irridescent glass. She has gold teardrop beads for her hair.

Next we have Angeli, she is called this as it is Native American for "Spirit". She has turquoise glass with accents of red, gold glass and gold mirror for her wings and red crackle glass beads which has splashes of gold, green and red. Her hair is faceted glass teardrop beads.

Thirdly, is Victoria, she was given this name as, when I had finished her I thought she looked very Victorian in colour and design. She has pale pink/peach varigated glass for her dress with insets of silver mirror, there are also strings of old white beads and the accents in her wings are enamelled butterflies which came from a pair of earrings which had been broken. Her hair is made of silver teardrop beads

Fourth, is Nova, this name is Native American for "Chases butterflies". I know she doesn't look very Native American but whilst researching a name for Angeli I found the name Nova with it's meaning and thought it suited. She has accents of irridescent/silver butterflies together with silver mirror for her wings, skirt and squiggly line. The main body of her dress is varigated sky blue glass. Her hair is made of champagne colour teardrop beads.

Lastly, we have Cleo. I have used vintage black cabochons which have sparkly suns on them, together with white opaque glass, gold mirror and black opaque glass. Her hair is again faceted teardrop beads.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


These are some crosses I recently made:

The first is made using lilac varigated glass which is irridescent and actually shines in shades of pink, grey, green and lilac. I've used crackle mirror for the centre piece and plain silver mirror for the squiggles. The woards peace and love are some alphabet beads that I must have bought some time ago and forgot about, but as they are pastel coloured thought they went well with the colour combo. I think this is my favourite.

The next cross is all plain silver mirror accented with blue irridescent moons and yellow irridescent stars, these are glass nuggets, again bought some time ago and forgotten about until now.

This third cross is just simply vintage bone china with a honeysuckle pattern

Lastly, this cross is made using varigated gren glass with dark purple glass accent. The inspiration for this cross came from some polymer clay buttins that I had recently bought. I've used these as accents. I then found some purple dyed shell beads in my stash and added these for some extra purple. I grouted this piece in grey. I think this is probably my second favourite.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Dove angel, first of two new angel designs

I saw a picture of this angel and fell in love with her, so decided to design her as a mosaic.
I have used silver mirror for her halo and her dress is made of irridescent lilac glass which shines in shades of pink, lilac and green. The dove that she is gently holding has a gold mirror beak.
I am undecided about the face, as I think this may over-power the piece, being in black when the rest is so delicate. My other larger angel does not have a face, so I'm not sure.
To this end I have decided to run a poll on http://www.craftsforum.co.uk/showthread.php?44203-new-design-dove-angel-help-needed and I will go with the majority decision. Please feel free to join the poll or add a comment here which I will add to the results.

Mrs Retro Owl, a partner for Retro Owl

This is Mrs. Retro Owl, a partner for my earlier Retro Owl, whom we all agreed was a definite "he".
This time I have used lighter brown glass for the main parts and instead of glass I have used seed beads in browns and golds for the chest. Well being a female, she deserves some bling!!
Her beak, feet and eyes are a different colour too.
I have also reversed the design so she faces towards (or away) from Mr. depending on her mood!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

What's happening this weekend?

Come see me here: http://www.onesuffolk.co.uk/crowshallcountryfayre on Sunday!

I've made lots of new items for this event, all of which I have photographed and will add to the blog after Sunday.

Monday, 10 May 2010

What should I do with a present?

As my present in the Crafts Forum Secret Easter Bunny event, I received two lovely fused heart coasters from Ann Noble. Beautiful as they were, I didn't like to leave them just laying around.
So after some thought I decided to make them into wall hangings, so I attached each one to a small mirror circle but, this was not enough, so I then gave them my button mania magic, edging them with buttons, beads, millefiori and coloured shell pieces.
Here is the finished results, which when I get around to hanging them, will catch the sunlight and really sparkle.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Secret Easter Bunny 2010 (UK Crafts Forum)

Just thought I would let you see the mosaic I made and which was given as the Secret Easter Bunny present on the Uk Crafts Forum. My daughter, Tayla designed it and called it Sun Flower. It's made from different pieces of stained glass, with a circle of millefiori flowers. I have been working on a lot of other pieces but due to ill health, none of them have been grouted yet. I'm hoping to get them finished by the weekend in readiness for next week's fair at Debenham, Suffolk.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Problem now rectified

having been alerted to the fact that the link to my Misi shop did not work. I have now rectified the situation. I have tried it and it now works. No idea why it didn't in the first place as I deleted it and re-entered it in exactly the same format. Well there you go!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Here he is, a new design-retro owl

I really, really, love this owl as I have made him completely myself from start to finish. Normally I have my bases cut by someone else, but having found a different medium to use as bases I was able to cut this one myself. So I drew him, cut him, mosaiced him, EVERYTHING! I have another one cut and ready to do, just need to sort out what glass I am going to use and then I will get started. I'm also in the process of drawing up two different angel designs too.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Buttons keep on creeping in...

Even though I have returned to making mosaics with glass, the buttons still seem to creep in! this mermaid was just crying out for buttons on her tail and as I had some lovely lime and jade buttons, I went for it and gave her an interesting buttony tail. I also used a darker glass for her skin.

I love making fairies, especially this one as her hair gives rise to so many possibilities. I started off with one where I cut circles of glass. The next one had glass nuggets for her hair and, with buttons being a feature at the moment, I just had to do this one with button hair. I was inspired by another crafter I know who has lovely curly hair in a pale auburn colour, so decided to try and re-create her hair for this little fairy. I hope she doesn't mind!

and now for some "proper mosaics"

I bought four little wooden magnets and these are the end results, a little ladybird with button spots and eyes and a little bumble bee.

Then I did a little butterfly with button spots and a dragonfly with irridescent glass wings. Irridescent glass is always disappointing in the photos :(

This seahorse has a textured mirror glass in shades of green for his back. Again the photos haven't shown the "crinkles" and the mirror.

With this seahorse I decided to cut the glass and mirror in a more traditional "tile" style, even the layout is more in the Romanesque style.

guess the button fetish is continuing!

Some of my latest button and bead makes. Hope you like them.
These little magnets can hold a little photo too!

These are Ruby frame and Emerald frame

These are shades of blue and shades of brown.
Would love to know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My new tops for wearing to events...

These arrived this morning...

A polo shirt and a hoodie for me to wear at events.

Machine embroidered with my logo by the lovely (and clever) Sarah at http://www.sewandsoaps.co.uk/
Very fast delivery and a very patient lady. She took me through what I wanted and what could be done. Even though I had seen a graphic, I was still very pleasantly surprised when I saw the real thing. Can't wait for the next fair now!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

12th May 2010

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Latest works from me... think my button and beads fetish is coming to and end!

Firstly is an Autumn box and then a Fairies Jewellery box
This one I have called Waterfalls (on a natural wood slice)

These glass backed sun catchers are called Spring blossom, Summer love, Autumn falls and Winter magic. I have encorporated some buttons into two other mosaiced pieces which I must finish today. Watch this space....

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Where does the time go???

I really must get round to updating this blog with my latest button and beads creations but I have been so busy in the run up to my first fair (this Sunday) that I really have not had time. All items are photographed I just need to get them loaded on to the computer. I will be doing this on Monday. In the meantime I shall carry on stressing about the fair. All the advertising etc is done. I am off out tomorrow putting road signs up and replacing in taken down posters. Then it's all systems go for Sunday. Fingers crossed for fine weather x

Friday, 12 February 2010

just like a bus-nothing for ages and then loads in one go!!!

Here is my latest project. I have spent lots of time, money and frustration on getting this piece right. No grout this time, but still coated so every little piece is firmly in place. This one is very tactile too, no sharp edges at all. My mum loves this as she says it's fascinating to look at with all the small parts.
Still can't get the photos right, the colour just has not come out very well, the buttons are all very vintage looking lilacs, the pink beads are a dusky rose and the dark beads are a very deep purple. Seems that the camera just doesn't like these shades!