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Hello and welcome, I'm Diane and I am Mum to two lovely, lively and craft-minded children, Tayla and Arron. I love my crafts,especially knitting and crochet but my main passion is designing and making mosaics. I have been mosaicing since 2007, using a variety of different items. I suppose I should call myself a mixed-media mosaic artist. I also love the challenge of a commission!!! All my items (including those on Flickr) are for sale, just leave me a message for details. (I do have Paypal)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Buttons keep on creeping in...

Even though I have returned to making mosaics with glass, the buttons still seem to creep in! this mermaid was just crying out for buttons on her tail and as I had some lovely lime and jade buttons, I went for it and gave her an interesting buttony tail. I also used a darker glass for her skin.

I love making fairies, especially this one as her hair gives rise to so many possibilities. I started off with one where I cut circles of glass. The next one had glass nuggets for her hair and, with buttons being a feature at the moment, I just had to do this one with button hair. I was inspired by another crafter I know who has lovely curly hair in a pale auburn colour, so decided to try and re-create her hair for this little fairy. I hope she doesn't mind!


  1. Very very very very lovely! There is no getting away from it, I think buttons really suit your art and they just wouldn't be the same using any other material..fantastic!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I love all your mosaics, if only I made more on my products - I'd be buying loads of yours and have them all over the house! Especially for my daughter :)