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Hello and welcome, I'm Diane and I am Mum to two lovely, lively and craft-minded children, Tayla and Arron. I love my crafts,especially knitting and crochet but my main passion is designing and making mosaics. I have been mosaicing since 2007, using a variety of different items. I suppose I should call myself a mixed-media mosaic artist. I also love the challenge of a commission!!! All my items (including those on Flickr) are for sale, just leave me a message for details. (I do have Paypal)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Problem now rectified

having been alerted to the fact that the link to my Misi shop did not work. I have now rectified the situation. I have tried it and it now works. No idea why it didn't in the first place as I deleted it and re-entered it in exactly the same format. Well there you go!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Here he is, a new design-retro owl

I really, really, love this owl as I have made him completely myself from start to finish. Normally I have my bases cut by someone else, but having found a different medium to use as bases I was able to cut this one myself. So I drew him, cut him, mosaiced him, EVERYTHING! I have another one cut and ready to do, just need to sort out what glass I am going to use and then I will get started. I'm also in the process of drawing up two different angel designs too.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Buttons keep on creeping in...

Even though I have returned to making mosaics with glass, the buttons still seem to creep in! this mermaid was just crying out for buttons on her tail and as I had some lovely lime and jade buttons, I went for it and gave her an interesting buttony tail. I also used a darker glass for her skin.

I love making fairies, especially this one as her hair gives rise to so many possibilities. I started off with one where I cut circles of glass. The next one had glass nuggets for her hair and, with buttons being a feature at the moment, I just had to do this one with button hair. I was inspired by another crafter I know who has lovely curly hair in a pale auburn colour, so decided to try and re-create her hair for this little fairy. I hope she doesn't mind!

and now for some "proper mosaics"

I bought four little wooden magnets and these are the end results, a little ladybird with button spots and eyes and a little bumble bee.

Then I did a little butterfly with button spots and a dragonfly with irridescent glass wings. Irridescent glass is always disappointing in the photos :(

This seahorse has a textured mirror glass in shades of green for his back. Again the photos haven't shown the "crinkles" and the mirror.

With this seahorse I decided to cut the glass and mirror in a more traditional "tile" style, even the layout is more in the Romanesque style.

guess the button fetish is continuing!

Some of my latest button and bead makes. Hope you like them.
These little magnets can hold a little photo too!

These are Ruby frame and Emerald frame

These are shades of blue and shades of brown.
Would love to know your thoughts!