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Friday, 28 May 2010

Angels, angels and more angels..

Thought I would show the last mosaics that I made some time ago, I've not made anything for a couple of weeks now as ill health has overtaken any creativeness. Hopefully, I will be back to making in the next month or so. I made the following angels after seeing something similar, but much larger. As they are all different I decided to name them:

First we have Flora, cream glass background with vintage cabochons, dyed pink shelll beads, green varigated glass and purple irridescent glass. She has gold teardrop beads for her hair.

Next we have Angeli, she is called this as it is Native American for "Spirit". She has turquoise glass with accents of red, gold glass and gold mirror for her wings and red crackle glass beads which has splashes of gold, green and red. Her hair is faceted glass teardrop beads.

Thirdly, is Victoria, she was given this name as, when I had finished her I thought she looked very Victorian in colour and design. She has pale pink/peach varigated glass for her dress with insets of silver mirror, there are also strings of old white beads and the accents in her wings are enamelled butterflies which came from a pair of earrings which had been broken. Her hair is made of silver teardrop beads

Fourth, is Nova, this name is Native American for "Chases butterflies". I know she doesn't look very Native American but whilst researching a name for Angeli I found the name Nova with it's meaning and thought it suited. She has accents of irridescent/silver butterflies together with silver mirror for her wings, skirt and squiggly line. The main body of her dress is varigated sky blue glass. Her hair is made of champagne colour teardrop beads.

Lastly, we have Cleo. I have used vintage black cabochons which have sparkly suns on them, together with white opaque glass, gold mirror and black opaque glass. Her hair is again faceted teardrop beads.

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  1. It all looks great. Lurve the owl. Love the big print too. lol. (Poor old dear).